Located in Southeast Asia in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is one of the most famous surfing countries in the world. The island was previously known as Ceylon, and was a renowned coffee, tea, cinnamon, and coconut producer.
Sri Lanka has friendly locals, a diverse cultural heritage, amazing architecture, delicious local foods, irresistible nightlife and, to top it off, extensive palm-fringed sandy beaches. You can also find some of the best surfing spots and surfing facilities in the world.
With more than 800 miles of coastline full of beautiful beaches and getting the same swells as those in the Indonesian islands, Sri Lanka surf vacations are an amazing experience that very few other countries can compete with.

Additionally, Sri Lanka has two opposite coastlines receiving swells from different directions, further cementing the country's reputation as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

It is no wonder that the English word “serendipity” was coined here, and so this is your chance to make another great and serendipitous dream come true with a Sri Lanka surf vacation.
With a gorgeous tropical climate, fantastic waves, beautiful beaches and consistent swells all year round on the two coastlines, Sri Lanka is heaven-on-Earth for surfers of all levels of surfing skill. The warm water temperatures throughout the year tell you to leave your swimsuits at home (or your hotel room), get into your best surf clothing or board shorts and ride the waves.

But, when is the best time to go surfing in these popular surfing spots in the Pearl of the Indian Ocean?

Surfing Seasons in Sri Lanka
The two Sri Lankan coastlines have different weather patterns all year round, meaning surfers enjoy the surf year-in and year-out. However, as a tropical country, the temperatures throughout the country are similar most of the time. Here are the best seasons to surf in Sri Lanka;

West Coast Sri Lanka High Surfing Season. The West Coast of Sri Lanka can be surfed in between the months of November and March. This is the European winter season. In the months of May, June, and July, the monsoon winds hit the southwest making it best to surf in the west coast during what is Sri Lankan beach season between January and April.

A Sri Lanka surf vacation would be perfectly taken while surfers in North America and Europe experience sub-zero temperatures, as the warm Equatorial sun will be doing wonders for surfers in this wonderful country. Most spots are crowded during this season.

East Coast Sri Lanka High Surfing Season. If you are planning to find a great surfing spot in the East Coast of Sri Lanka, you can do this between the months of April and October. From November till February, there will be the northeast monsoon here.

This means that the East Coast of Sri Lanka is at its best and optimal surfing conditions from May till July. Again, the high surfing season here coincides with the region’s “beach season”. Being beach season, there are expectations that most surfing spots will be crowded at times.

The two coastlines and their different surfing patterns offer unique surfing conditions in the country. You can comfortably plan your surf holiday to Sri Lanka and, when you land in the country, choose the coast to surf on depending on the prevailing conditions. Whatever the time of the year you choose to go surfing in Sri Lanka, there will be a surfing spot up and waiting. Sri Lanka’s surfing cities and towns here offer a wide selection of surf shops for surfboards and surf clothing, and rentals. There are also plenty of surfing facilities like surfing schools, camps, and private instructors. So, there is every reason for you to head to the Pearl of the Indian Ocean in your next surf holiday.

Surfing in Arugam Bay
If you are looking for traveler-friendly surfer spots in Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay provides this and more. This is considered the surfing Mecca of the country and is always compared to what Kuta in Bali can offer.

After the 2004 tsunami devastated Arugam, things have gradually returned to normal, and Arugam Bay is as perfect a surf spot as ever.

Being at the edge of the famous Yala East National Park, Arugam surfers are lucky to share the same serene environment with animal species such as water buffalos, elephants, wild boars and different singing birds.

This beautiful moon-shaped bay has surf spots scattered on the tuna fishing port and its seven picturesque villages. Highly regarded as the best wave in Sri Lanka, the right point break here offers small peelers that entice surfers of all surfing levels throughout the year. Breaking over a reef, the spot offers incredible fast sections and long rides that leave long-boarders thirsting for more.

While you are enjoying your Sri Lanka surf vacation, you can also sample the close surf spots of Elephant Rock, Okanda, Pottuvil Point and Peanut Farm.

All the necessary Sri Lankan surfing facilities are here including surf shops and rentals, so no need to even bring your own surfboard, surf schools and camps as well as perfect day and nightlife entertainment spots.

Things to Do in Arugam
After spending a perfect surfing day, there are many entertainment and refreshment joints waiting to be sampled when the evening and night come. Some of the most popular Arugam entertainment spots are the Arugam Bay Tourist Hotel (Meenas), Siam View Brew Pub, Arugam Bay, Palm Grove Holiday Inn and Whiskey Bay Surf Resort, among others.

Surfing in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka
Hikkaduwa, on the west coast, is the Sri Lankan surfing capital. Located on the popular Galle Road, this amazing town has more to offer than just world-class surfing spots, thanks to its beautiful beaches, corals, entertainment and refreshment, surfing facilities, surf shops for surfboards and surf clothing, rentals, schools, and camps.

If you are looking for the best surfing vibe in the country, this town offers many different restaurants, bars, hotels, and cafes all located on the main road. Overlooking the surf, there are also different guesthouses and affordable hotels on the beach strip.

With consistent waves throughout the year, Hikkaduwa has three different surf breaks to enjoy.
A perfect surfing spot for beginners in Hikkaduwa is in the south, with the main beach and reef break in the middle that is usually crowded, and another one in the north with smaller waves that is less busy.

This A-frame break never disappoints because it does not go flat. Surfers looking for the best waves are perfectly at home here.

Things to Do in Hikkaduwa
With many types of entertainment, accommodation and refreshment joints, Hikkaduwa offers everything for everyone in terms of nightlife.

Among the most popular Hikkaduwa nightlife entertainment options, there are Mambo’s Hikkaduwa, Sam’s Bar, Coral Seas Bar and Restaurant, Funky De Bar, JLH Beach Restaurant & Bar, Surf Control rooftop Lounge and many more.

Surfing in Midigama
Midigama has two popular surfing spots with as good surf conditions as their names of Lazy Right and Lazy Left spots (or Midigama Right and Midigama Left, respectively). These two surf spots are perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers. However, experienced surfers also have their slice of the surfing cake when the huge swells come calling.

The two surfing spots are opposite each other on the beautiful Midigama Bay. They feature smooth point breaks with more than 500m rides on the Lazy Left on its best days. Working best at low tides, surfers here can enjoy longboard surfing as well. If you are looking for the best consistent regional classic quality waves with north, south and southwest good swell directions; Midigama is the place for you.

There is also another right reef break around that is perfect for experienced surfers in Midigama. This spot is called Rams and offers A-frame breaks on the sharp and shallow coral. Midigama surf spots have few surfers at any one time.

This means that you can get lot of space to surf. Like all other major surf spots, buy equipment and surf clothing at Midigama surf shops and rentals, attend surf schools, other surfing facilities and camps or enjoy the fantastic nightlife.

Things to Do in Midigama
After spending the day surfing on the exciting warm waters of Midigama, there is no better way to cool off than over a drink, grab some tasty food, listen to music or find other amazing nightlife entertainment and refreshments. Popular Midigama nightlife attractions include the Plantation Surf Inn & Restaurant (surf camp), Midigama Holiday Inn, Surf Shadow, Asanka Surf House Bujet Hostell Helthy Food and more.

Surfing in Mirissa, Sri Lanka
If the dream of your Sri Lanka surf vacation is to swim with the country’s majestic sea life, Mirissa is the place to be. Amidst the clicks and whistles of migrating blue whales, surfers in this eastern Weligama town in Matara District experience some of the most unique surfing experiences Sri Lanka can offer.

This town is considered the country’s hidden surf gem, featuring a beautiful, crescent-shaped quiet beach, crystal clear waters with frames of palms and greenery. Mirissa surf spot is a smooth right reef-coral break that peels slowly, breaking over deep waters, for a relaxing ride on your surfboard.

This is on the western end of the beach. There is also a left break close to the harbor.
Mirissa offers surfing opportunities for surfers of all surfing levels. The spot is fairly crowded with local surfers and visitors from around the world. There are all the facilities and amenities that go with surfing. These include surf shops, where you can buy the best in surf clothing and equipment, and rentals, surf schools and camps as well as private instructors and other surfing facilities.

Things to Do in Mirissa, Sri Lanka
Mirissa offers all that surfers dream of when it comes to experiencing quality nightlife after a day’s surfing. You can take a drink, try great local dishes, dance and enjoy all manner of entertainment in Mirissa.

Mirissa nightlife entertainment includes the Secret Beach Bar, Reggae on the Bar Beach, Mirissa Beach, Zephyr Restaurant & Bar, and Mirissa Eye Beach Hotel & Restaurant and many more.

In conclusion, Sri Lanka surfing spots are some of the most amazing in the world. With warm tropical weather and numerous surfing facilities, the country offers some of the most excellent surf-hideaways in the world.

While American and European surfers are freezing, Sri Lanka’s surfing season is the one to beat. The two beautiful coastlines have unique surf conditions that entice all surfers no matter their skill. For your next Sri Lanka surf vacation, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is the place to be. So, grab your surfboard and book your trip now!