The image of crystalline blue waters and the breeze coming in with the trade winds is breathtaking. Even more beautiful is the view of the palm trees swaying to the movement of the gentle winds.
There is so much to love about beach life, including the hundreds of reefs and the mollifying feeling of sand under your feet. It’s a huge shame that surfing didn’t really develop until the 1950s. This, however, does not change the fact that Puerto Rico currently boasts the most famous surf in the world with a coastline extending 311.3 miles. Aguadilla, Isabela, and Rincon are coastal surf spots perfect for Puerto Rico surfing, so take your surf vacation here - you cannot afford to miss it!
Surf Seasons in Puerto Rico

  • Fall
    This is best around late September when the rigid North Atlantic storms kick in. It results in the massive Puerto Rican trench magnifying the consequential north swells, bringing a fun surf to the North of the Atlantic.
  • Winter
    Time to get your wetsuits ready. Meet up with surfers from all over the world (especially from the East Coast) during your surf vacation and immerse yourself in the thrill. The period starting from November which lasts until February is when surf in Puerto Rico is influenced by the low-pressure systems in the Eastern Sea.
  • Spring
    If you enjoy consistent and fun swells, then May is the time to get your surfboard out. Thanks to the offshore winds, you can indulge in the joy of overheads and shoulder to head-high zones as well.
  • Summer
    July to November is the time that you can interact the most with your fellow friendly surfers. At this time, everyone is out of college and school, and surfing has some spice and youthful flavor to it. It is the best time to be sprayed by the sea water and the occasional surf wave, coupled with the gentle breeze. However, do not forget to pick up your sunscreen at this time.

Surfing in Rincon
Rincon is a surf spot known for being the best beach town for Puerto Rico surfing. There is no better place to find a pure consolidation of the beauty of the hills and the crystal blue color of the ocean. Where else can you watch the sunset behind a mountain in the sea? There is much more to Rincon than surfing. Enjoy world-class vacation rentals, restaurants, hotels and villas. Rincon offers you the full package of surfing, swimming, fishing, snorkeling and even partying. The most often recommended beach to surf on is Antonio’s, which will give you fun right and left breaks that will fill you with an excitement like no other.

You cannot afford to miss out on the prevailing onshore afternoon trade winds, which will keep you grounded to the spot and make you want to stay. Sandy beach is another surf spot worth visiting in Rincon. Experience its true potential, which is derived from a light south wind and Northeast or Northwest swell. It is where you let the sandy bottom pet your feet as you make the most out of the fun lefts. Between Antonio’s and Sandy Beach is Parking Lots Beach, which gives you a feel of surfing on the two beaches: thanks to the fun lefts and rights from Antonio’s and Sandy. You do not have to worry about your experience as the beach has room for all levels. If you need surfing lessons at Rincon’s, these are readily available as surf schools here offer lessons all year round, for both kids and adults.

Things to do in Rincon
There is so much to do in Rincon, alongside the obvious Puerto Rico surfing. On your surf vacation, you can visit El Faro de Punta Higuero lighthouse and get a breathtaking view of Desecheo Island and even dolphins if you go in January. The downtown area presents you with several art galleries that have a compelling art scene (also, there are numerous souvenir shops where you can pick up something to take home). Then there is the legendary Rincon Beer Company. The beer pub serves its own in-house beers, alongside other international beers, coupled with great live music performance.

Surfing in Aguadilla
Aguadilla is one of the most famous global surfing spots. Also known as the ‘village of the eye of water’, the town bustles with visitors primarily for its beaches. Also, it has the advantage of being the closest to the airport and maybe the best town to be in if you do not want to waste too much time on the road at the expense of your leisure time. The city is rich in tourist spots, such as the biggest aquatic park in the Caribbean, Parque Acuático Las Cascadas, an underground freshwater source known as Ojo de Agua and the only skating facility in the region: Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena. The town is oozing with outdoor adventure that you won’t be able to get enough of. Among the main beaches that promise you a great experience is the Surfer’s Beach, with its best time being primarily over the weekends: this is the best time for meeting other surfing enthusiasts.

Surfer’s Beach is home to all levels of surfer, and you will be able to enjoy short left breaks and extended rights. Wilderness is an alternative beach that attracts mostly experienced crowds; it should be your first choice if you fancy fast and powerful rights and lefts on flat rock bottom. In as much as you may not be able to enjoy facilities such as shops, the beautiful environment will still blow your mind. Finally, if you want a beach with easy access, you should consider Crash Beach, which also hosts all levels of surfer. The beach boasts a sandy bottom with fast and great right breaks. You will need to take your swimsuit along, and other surfing accessories like surfing trunks (with some tanning oil) to Aguadilla. If you need some assistance in bettering your surfing skill, regardless of whether you are a beginner or have intermediate or advanced ability, there are tons of surf schools and surf instructors that you can work with during your surf vacation.

Things to do in Aguadilla
After a whole day of surfing, you could go scuba diving at Playa India El Natural, visit Punta the Borinquen Lighthouse Ruins or take your kids to Las Cascadas Water Park, which is the biggest waterpark in the Caribbean. Remember that Aguadilla is home to the largest and probably the only Ice-Skating Arena in the region, which also facilitates rink fare. If you want some quiet time and you are an art enthusiast, the Museo de Arte de Aguadilla is for you.

Surfing in Isabela
Isabela, on the other hand, is a surfing spot that gives you the opportunity to surf on a warm colorful, tranquil and friendly coastline. This coastal town has so much to offer you starting with delicious local foods, natural beauty, exalted island life and reefs and cliffs, all of which will make you never want to leave. The beachside lodgings will give you the experience of a lifetime. Isabela is mainly made up of a surfing community that will help you feel welcome and bring forth a sense of belonging. With beaches like Middles, you will get the exciting feeling of the North East swells. Also, if you do not enjoy crowds during your surf time, you will enjoy limited company mostly during weekdays. Middles has hollow, fast and rocky breaks. And the beauty of it all is that you might get lucky and find yourself in the middle of the Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit, as it is held here.

Meanwhile, Jobos Beach is the most accessible surfing beach spot in Isabella; it is the best place to be if you want to save up your energy just for the surfing experience. The good thing about Jobos is that it has no limitations on the level of skill a surfer should have. Surfers can enjoy great right breaks and excellent channels they could use to paddle out. To add some more fun to your surf, the beach has several restaurants and bars that you can take a break in. Shacks is also a beach worth mentioning: you can surf at any time of the year. It couldn’t get any better! This has been made possible by the offshore winds that blow from the south and south-east. If you are a fan of a substantial crowd, then this is where to go. Thanks to the warm weather, you do not have to take your wetsuit on your surf vacation. If you are inexperienced, you do not have to miss out on the thrill; several surf schools are ready to train you to get into the fun.

Things to do in Isabela
To break the monotony of the sea, Isabela offers you the opportunity to go on horseback rides at the beach that may well lead you into a spectacular forest setting. Also, depending on how able you are, you could even go along the cliffs for some hiking. Thanks to its underwater caves, Isabela is among the best spots for scuba diving. If you would like to take a trek, there is the Guajataca Tunnel, the famous railroad tunnel that connects Isabela and Quebradillas.

Puerto Rico is the heart of surfing in the country. Regardless of whether you are an expert or beginner, it is the place for you. Big-wave surf enthusiasts, longboard riders and stand-up paddle boarders can all find their place in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico, as a surfing spot, is graced with the perfect surfing conditions all year round and is a great tourist destination at the same time. Its surfing towns are renowned for accommodating all surf skills and providing diversity in surf waves that range from 2ft to 20ft. You can challenge yourself on your surf vacation and learn all about surfing from scratch thanks to the availability of surf schools that offer all levels of coaching all year round. Puerto Rico having a tropical climate means you don’t need a wetsuit or super thick swimsuit, and, if need be, numerous surf shops have everything you need from surfboard rentals to surfing accessories. Puerto Rico surfing is really unlike anything else.