The thought of experiencing the island life is thrilling to so many people. This is even more true for surfing enthusiasts eager to try Pacific surfing.

The sound of the ocean waters, the beautiful beaches, the palm trees, the feeling of sand under one’s feet, the warm climate and delicious seafood are just some of the many things that make island life so enticing. Adding to this, the idea of riding consistently huge waves in the company of lovely, friendly people and the other members of the larger island community is equally attractive. These and more are part of the experience that awaits you on your next surf holiday in Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga in the Pacific.

One of the top surf destinations on the planet, Fiji is located in the South Pacific and is comprised of more than 300 islands, some of which are home to the friendliest people you could ever hope to meet. The country is full of luxurious private islands, amazing beach resorts, beautiful sands, towering palm trees, outdoor adventures, unique culture, and, most importantly of all, world-class surfing spots dotted among the beaches and reefs. The surf spots here are not for the faint-hearted.

However, with many surf schools and camps, learners can still sample the waves of Fiji. With a tropical climate, warm waters and great surf conditions throughout the year, you can leave your wetsuit at home.

Samoa, on the other hand, is a country located in the Polynesian region of the Pacific and is a picture-perfect example of how glorious and beautiful nature can be. Consisting of ten gorgeous islands, the country has volcanic mountains greened by rainforests, beautiful valleys and a vast coastline of white sandy and sunny beaches. If you are looking for awesome Pacific surfing breaks, Samoa will give you this and more. With a tropical maritime climate, Samoa has the perfect surf conditions throughout the year, and the warm waters mean that you do not need those dumpy boots and thick swimsuits on your surf holiday.
The Kingdom of Tonga is the last surviving monarchy in the Pacific south and is comprised of three stunning main islands and more than 160 smaller islands. The kingdom has not been spoiled by modernism and it is hard to find a 5-star hotel. Rather, you can choose from simple thatched structures dotting the golden coastline, evoking the nostalgic cultural history of what you see in “tribal life” movies. Summing it all up, surf spots are found all over along with surf facilities and surf shops, with amazing waves waiting to set you off on your new or locally-rented surfboard.

So, when is the best time to go surfing in these recently discovered surf-wonders of the world?

Surf Seasons in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga
Sharing more or less the same climatic and weather conditions, these three areas also have similar surf conditions.

You can enjoy your Pacific surfing in all three areas throughout the year. However, there are two distinct but overlapping surf seasons. Depending on your level of surfing skill, you can choose the high or low surfing season.

  • High Surfing season. This occurs between the months of March to April through to October and November. During this season, the southern hemisphere (Tasman Sea) builds low-pressure systems in the south of New Zealand, sending powerful groundswells to this region up to the south of Australia.
    The surf can get up to 12 ft in some areas, making this the perfect time for experienced surfers to take their surf holiday in the region. In places like Fiji, learners may be overwhelmed during this season.
  • Low season. This occurs from November until around March. This region is more humid, wetter and warmer. As for surf conditions, the winds are lighter while the swells are shorter and less powerful. Learners and less experienced surfers are at home in the region during this season. However, some breaks are beyond learners even at this time, due to dangerous reefs that require expert maneuvers.

With more and more surfers flocking to Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga for a piece of the Pacific surfing pie, many surf support facilities have sprung up all over. You can find surf shops and rental places, surf schools and camps as well as amazing entertainment, depending on your chosen destination.

Surfing in Utulei, American Samoa
Utulei is a beautiful town located in Tutuila, American Samoa’s main island. The waves in Tutuila are world-class powerful, with reef breaks that are frequented by surfers from other areas - but not much by the locals. The area is beautiful, but the surf experience here is nothing much to write home about, with surf spots precariously shallow. So, maybe take your memorable surf holiday elsewhere.

However, most surf spots here are located on the south coast where, although very exposed to the southeast trade winds, there is a somewhat flat volcanic area with beautiful reefs and sunken coral banks that provide decent surf breaks. On this island, there are no surf camps or surf shops, and you should take your own surfboards and surfing paraphernalia.

Surfing in Utulei
This is a fairly exposed point break that offers differing waves to surfers at the Utulei Beach Park. If you are looking for the best place to do your Pacific surfing when visiting Tutuila during the autumn and winter, this is the jump start for your surf holiday. Here, the best wind direction for surf conditions is from the northwest. Ground swells and wind swells occur here in equal measures while the best swell direction is the southwest. There are no crowds here, even when the waves are at their best and calling out for a surfer’s attention. There are occasional strong rips and opportunities to ride above corals and sharks.

Things to Do in Utulei, American Samoa
After spending the day surfing, you can find great places to relax and enjoy the night in Utulei. Here, you can enjoy drinks, delicious food, exciting music, and many other types of entertainment and refreshments. Some of the places to visit include Tisa’s Barefoot Bar, Toa Bar and Grill, Evalanis Cabaret Lounge, Ecuadore Bar, IceBreaker Bar & Bistro, Country Club, and Rubbels among others.

Surfing in Kadavu, Fiji

Kadavu is one of the largest Fijian islands and is the biggest in the volcanic archipelago forming the Kadavu group of islands.

The Kadavu Passage provides exposed right and left reef breaks and experiences the best southeast swells that originate from the southern Pacific low-pressure system going to the east side. Due to exposure to the southeast trade winds, the majority of consistent surf spots here are left breaks with occasional right breaks that get completely blown out by the trade winds. A learners’ best time for their surf holiday here is during summer when the wind swells increase, and the swell size drops a little.

In winter, the surf becomes more menacing and is best left for the surf veterans. The best thing about Kadavu surf spots is the fact that there is always a spot for every surf level throughout the year. If you are looking for the best world-class reef breaks on the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef, Kadavu Passage is the place to be heading to for your Pacific surfing vacation.

There are a number of popular Pacific surfing spots in Kadavu, Fiji. These offer different surfing experiences for surfers of all skills. They include Beachouse, Daku, Frigates, Hideaway, King Kong Right and Left, Lighthouse, Pipes, Serua Rights, Typhoon Alley, Uatotoka, Vesi Passage, Vunaniu and Waidroka Lefts. There are surf shops here located in Nadi and Suva. The majority of resorts offer surf rentals while surf lessons are being offered increasingly over the area. To enjoy surfing here, you need to “vakavodo ua” or simply “jump on the wave.”

Things to Do in Kadavu, Fiji
After spending the day surfing in this stunning surfing destination, you can relax and enjoy the peaceful and eventful nightlife. The best places to enjoy this include Matava, Tiliva Resort, Mai Dive Astrolabe Reef Resort, Kokomo Private Island Resort and Oneta Resort, among others.

Surfing in Fausaga, Samoa
Located just 13 miles south of the Samoan capital of Apia, Fausaga is increasingly becoming one of the most popular destinations for surf holidays in the country. The area has amazing world-class surf spots that attract surfers of all surfing levels, particularly with its favorable surf conditions. With both right and left reef breaks, this exciting surfing destination provides unique experiences. The best surfing spots include the deep-water sandy crescent-shaped beach called Aganoa Black Sand Beach, which can be reached using 4WD track or by boat from Maninoa and Lalomanu located nearby. Other notable surf spots that surfers can sample while in the area include;

Boulders. This is a left reef break and one of the country’s classiest surf spots, with tubular and shallow sections.

Special K. This is a solid exciting right-hand wave that amazes surfers of all skills and levels.

Coconuts. This is a mechanical, fast and thick-lipped hollow right wave that offers experienced surfers a lifetime memory.

Tafatafa. Fast and powerful right peelers offering long rides on southwest swells. There are also southeast sectional swells.

While surfing in this area, you should be sure to carry your own boards and surfing equipment because there are limited surf facilities and surf shops.

Things to Do in Fausaga, Samoa
After a day’s surfing, Fausaga offers great nightlife. Among the best places to enjoy your evening include Coconuts Beach Club & Resort, Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa, Vai Villas, Tiavi Mountain Escape and Skyview Villas.

Surfing in Kanokupolu, Tonga
Located in the western district of Tongatapu, Kanokupolu is a famous small Tongan village. The town is popular for its many touristic activities that include surfing and other exciting water sports. Kanokupolu has exciting and breathtaking sandy beaches stretching for more than a mile. If you are looking for a chance to commune with nature and history while surfing yourself crazy, this stunning surf area in the great Tongan Kingdom should be your destination.

Here you can find surf spots in amazing reef breaks that include Vakaloa, Ha'atafu, Halafuoleva, Nukuʻalofa, Liku'alofa and White Sands. You need to carry your own surfing equipment because the surf facilities here are limited. Some beach resorts offer surf training.

Things to Do in Kanokupolu, Tonga
There is nothing as good as relaxing after surfing the day away. In Kanokupolu, there are many entertainment and refreshment joints that can be sampled after surfing. These include the Blue Banana Beach House, Holty's Beach House Garden, Tanoa International Dateline Hotel and Emerald hotel, among others.

In conclusion
Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga provide some of the most amazing Pacific surfing spots in the world that attract surfers of all skill levels from around the world. Surfers are given the chance to experience amazing island life comparable to nowhere else. Here, you can surf in all types of surf conditions and experience unique surfs depending on your choice of destination and the surf spot. The tropical weather in this region means that you can leave your swimsuits at home too. Get that surf holiday booked!