Maldives surfing is the perfect opportunity to experience world-class waves in the Indian Ocean throughout the year.

Fun facts

Comprised of 26 ring-shaped atolls, Maldives is made up of more than a thousand coral islands each with irresistible beaches, extensive reefs, blue lagoons and amazing waves for surfers to try out. With more than 640 km of coastline, the country offers a unique surfing experience that amazes surfers of all levels locally and internationally.

‌The Maldives has a wide range of right and left breaks best surfed by intermediate and pro surfers. There are also many smoother surf spots where learners can pick some riding waves, especially during the dry season. Surfers who are looking for a surf version of Indonesia that is less crowded, more user-friendly and more politically welcoming, Maldives is the place to go. Exposed to the same swells as Indonesia but with a higher altitude and southeast exposure, Maldives surfing provide much more chill and mellow surfing.

‌The southwest and northeast monsoon winds dictate surfing conditions in the Maldives. This means that these conditions vary in different regions (atolls) and therefore define the surf seasons in the country.

Surf Seasons in Maldives

The best time to go Maldives surfing is during the southern hemisphere winter that occurs between the months of March and October. This is the time you can catch some of the biggest waves in the country.

‌‌In both South and North Male Atolls, you can catch the best waves in the months between February and October. The biggest swells occur from June to August. However, there is a prevalence of strong tropical storms too. This leaves the months of February to May as the time with the most consistent swells and best surf conditions. The best swell direction here is southeast, and when the waves are up, the crowd thins out. ‌

The Central Atolls experience the best and longer swell periods due to their position between the South and the North Atolls. The surf here is also highly consistent and with semi-secret spots waiting to be discovered. There are numerous surf spots dotted around here. ‌

Between the months starting from mid-May to mid-August, the low season occurs in Southern Maldives due to southerly winds.

‌There is every type of wave in the Maldives. You can enjoy barreling waves, hollow waves, and smooth waves possessing different wind and swell directions. More and more surf spots are being discovered in the country in almost every atoll and island.

There is a plethora of surf schools and camps, surf shops and rentals as well as amazing nightlife hideaways. With the warm tropical climate in the Maldives, you can leave the wetsuit at home or in your hotel room and dive through the waves with your board shorts. This can be done at any time of the year.

Surfing in Thulusdhoo, Maldives

When most people think of Thulusdhoo, the first things they picture are the beautiful lagoons and calm sea waters. In most places, this is true. However, Thulusdhoo is one of the most popular surf islands in the Maldives and the home to some of the world’s most amazing surf spots. Surfing is the main activity that has propelled Thulusdhoo Island onto the world map since the 70’s when it was “discovered” by shipwrecked surfers. Here, the waves have remained pure, clean and beautiful, offering amazing right and left breaks for surfers of intermediate and expert skill levels to sample.

‌Thulusdhoo Island’s surf popularity stems from the many famous surf spots here that include Coke’s, Chickens, Ninjas, and Sultans. Additionally, there is every facility for every surfer depending on affordability. Surf camp options are many, ranging from luxurious to mid-range hotels to local-experience guesthouses and home-stays. There are surf shops and rentals, surf schools and fantastic nightlife joints. ‌

Surfing in Coke’s, Thulusdhoo‌
‌Coke’s is the most popular surf spot in Thulusdhoo. This is a fast, right reef break that provides incredible rides. Featuring some fascinating and solid swells, with impressive barreling sections, Coke’s is a haven for the experienced surfer in the Maldives. The spot has a shallow reef, powerful sweep, and strong and powerful swells that relegate the learners and intermediate surfers to the spectators’ peripheries. Getting its name from the Coca-Cola beverage company that is found in the vicinity, this steep and turbulent surf spot has the best prevailing winds from the northeast.

‌Surfing in Chickens, Thulusdhoo‌
‌Located opposite Coke’s, Chickens is another irresistible surf spot in Thulusdhoo. This is a left reef break that welcomes learners and intermediate surfers. Here, you can ride up to 500 m and enjoy up to 10 ft waves. The best wind direction here is from the northwest while the best swell direction is from the south. There was once a chicken farm in the vicinity, but it is no longer there. However, the name and the surf spot remains one of the best lefts in the entire Indian Ocean.

‌Surfing in Ninjas, Thulusdhoo‌
‌Ninjas (also locally known as Piddlies) is a slightly smoother break compared to the other spots. It is best suited for learners on this island. The spot is surfed best when the waves are 4 ft or less breaking much more leisurely than in the other surf spots in the area.

‌Surfing in Sultans, Thulusdhoo

If you are looking for more challenging, huge waves that break from 4 ft, Sultans is the place you should be in Thulusdhoo. With high tides, westerly winds and the best swell directions from the south, Sultans provides long surfs. It is one of the easiest spots to ride tubular waves and is, therefore, suitable for learners, intermediates and experts alike.

‌Most surf spots in Thulusdhoo are less crowded and can accommodate surfers of all levels. There are surf shops and rentals, surf schools and camps as well as great nightlife activities. For the best surfing experience, Thulusdhoo is waiting for you and your surfboard.

‌Things to Do in Thulusdhoo, Maldives‌
‌After spending the day surfing in these warm waters, it is a great idea to grab a drink, some tasty local food and chill on the island. The views in the Maldives are amazing, so grab a hammock and take it all in.

Surfing in Himmafushi, Maldives

‌Among the many islands in the Maldives, only a few have surf breaks right on the island front. Himmafushi is one of these. With sandy roads, numerous palm trees, and an exotic cultural heritage, Himmafushi provides some of the best surfing experiences, seafood and nightlife in the world. Himmafushi also has surf shops and rentals, surf schools and camps as well as any other facility that a surfer would be looking for. The best and most well-known surf break here is called Jail or Jailbreaks.

‌Surfing in Jailbreaks, Himmafushi‌
‌Jailbreaks surf spot was given the name because it is close to a former correctional institution. The place is famous for its consistent and exposed reef-coral break with right-hand, fast, powerful and hollow waves.  This spot features long barrel sections with the best southwest and south wind directions, and the best west, southwest and south swell directions. ‌

‌Due to its vicinity to the jail, Jailbreaks has been off-limits until recently. However, there were a few daring surf veterans that used to trespass and surf here. There was a surfing trick that helped them avoid being caught. This trick was making sure they dropped in deep. The hollow rights were so lined up that one would remain covered and hidden in the lip as they passed right in front of the Maldives National Jail. Today, there is no need to trespass because you can surf here freely and legally, enjoying the same wonderful surf conditions the place has always had.  This world-class surf spot is not too crowded and is suitable for experienced surfers.

Things to Do in Himmafushi, Maldives
‌After spending an awesome day surfing in the stunning warm waters of Himmafushi, relaxing over some cool drinks, food and music is the natural next step. Like in Thulusdhoo, the best you can do here is enjoy the beautiful views of the Maldives and the crystal-clear blue water.

‌In conclusion, Maldives is one of the most popular surf countries of recent times. Comprised of 26 regions and more than a thousand islands, the Maldives provide some of the best secret, semi-secret and well-known surf spots in the world. Surfers of all surfing levels can find suitable waves waiting to be surfed in this amazing country and surfing paradise. For your next surfing holiday, the land of atolls and islands should be your main destination in the Indian Ocean.